Helping the Animals

By running the Veggie software, you generate a cryptocurrency for yourself and a bonus for animals in need.

The Veggie blockchain is enabling anyone to improve animal welfare, by using their computing power. The Veggie community votes on which charities, organisations and initiatives receive funding from this bonus. By leaving the software running overnight, you can help the animals while you sleep and earn a currency with real-world value!


Small Team of Expert Developers

The Veggie team is a small, highly specialised group of tech experts

The Veggie organisation is as small as possible to minimise infrastructure costs, and help the animals as much as possible. The Veggie team is made up of animal-lovers, whose first priorities are benefiting the welfare of animals. Veggie is highly community focused. So the input of the community enables the Veggie team to stay small.


Our Vision

By empowering those who love animals, Veggie will change the way we help animals in need, without requiring a cash donation.

Growth and Stability

As the community grows, so does the power of the coin.


The Veggie community votes on where funding should go.


Earn real currency while helping the animals.

Independent Blockchain

Cutting edge tech with complete flexibility.


Spend Veggie on major cryptocurrency exchanges, or donate it to help the animals.


Public ledger of transactions. All funds are publicly viewable.

Meet Our Team

The Veggie team is a collaboration of experts at the top of their respective fields.
Each member has a long-standing history of excellence in their industry.

Oscar Chambers

Oscar is a crypto-currency expert with a Computer Science degree. He is involved in the development of numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Oscar also acts as a technical advisor for a number of crypto-currency startups.

Barney Chambers

Barney has a Computer Science degree from Adelaide University, and has been working in start-ups in the finance sector for a number of years.


Community adoption of the Veggie software will generate massive contributions for animals in need. We are looking for talented developers, translators and graphic designers to implement their ideas for coin bounties.

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